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Stone throwing in Srinagar’s downtown area after Afzal Guru’s hanging in February this year. By Yusra Khan [A]fter spending three years in jail, he still says “Yes, I’m a stone thrower.” Born on the11th of February 1991, Aarif Baba* has two historical events associated with his birth date. 11th February is the day Mohammad Maqbool Butt, considered one of the founders of Kashmir’s freedom movement, was hanged and 1991 is the peak year of resistance in Kashmir. Like Butt, Baba too wants to see Kashmir prosper as an independent nation. Ever since his childhood, Baba has been drawn to stone throwing. At

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By Ibreez Ajaz [I]rritating! Disgusting! Cheap! Whenever my friends and I come across a situation that fits these words, the three of us sequentially pronounce them one after the other. I have found no affair more fitting these adjectives than the ongoing mess in Kashmir. Irritating- People fight amongst themselves over trivial matters and call it politics. Disgusting- Our politicians lie to us year after year. Cheap- The masses grovel at the feet of aforementioned politicians anyway. We are no better, we who allow it to continue – the sole reason being our own lack of education, the ever-growing apathy