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“We are exhorted to be women, remain women, become women” – Simone de Beauvoir, (The Second Sex, xix) To my women readers: can we think of a time and space when we have not thought of ourselves as a woman, and the cultural discourse it has been embedded with? Is it really possible to think of ourselves beyond the ‘gendered’ classification? Judith Butler in her essay on Simone De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex begins by quoting Beauvoir’s famous statement that frames the discursive differences in the taxonomies of sex and gender. As Butler famously states, “ ‘One is not born

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Jammu, Dec 24 (KNS): In yet another shocking and shameful incident, a girl was allegedly gang raped on Saturday evening in Jammu after being abducted. Police has registered the case and initiated investigation. Meanwhile State’s Women Commission (SWC) has condemned the incident and demanded immediate arrest of culprits apart from strict against them. Sources told KNS, a girl (name withheld) in Rajan village of Jammu was allegedly gang raped by Gyan Singh and Shammi. “Accused first abducted the girl and then gang raped her in a minibus. Singh forcefully took her in the minibus while Shammi was already present in