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I have been asked by many of my curious friends to share what actually had happened in Libya while I was on an assignment there in April 2011. After a long delay, I was finally able to jot down my experience which I had during those 30 horrific hours of ordeal. Here it goes, starting with a brief background about the Libyan revolution. By Altaf Qadri Houses at a distance seen from one of the storeroom. Photos: Altaf Qadri. The Libyan revolution was an armed conflict in Libya fought between forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and those seeking to

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Anthony Shadid by ALISON WEIR Anthony Shadid was an astounding journalist. By 43 he was legendary for his courage and lyrical, powerful reporting. He had received the Pulitzer Prize twice for his moving reports from the middle of the Iraq war and had built, as the Washington Post noted, “one of the most storied careers in modern American journalism.” He had reported from the chaos of war zones and had survived multiple crises. In Libya he had been kidnapped, beaten, and held for six days. In Palestine he had survived an Israeli bullet fired at him from 25 feet away.