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By Fahad Shah Using the internet as a medium to demand the release of a young Kashmiri, Waqar Ahmed Moharkant, who is in jail under the draconian Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety act (1978), his acquaintances have started an online campaign by launching a website “Free Waqar Campaign” and have been spreading the word through social networking sites too, for more than a week now. The campaign has got huge support from people around the world but the state hasn’t reacted yet. A student of commerce in a Srinagar college, Waqar was arrested on October 4, 2011, on the charges

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Waqar Ahmad Moharkan Starting a worldwide campaign, a website has been launched in support of release of twenty-one-year-old, Waqar Ahmad Moharkan who was arrested in Srinagar and later shifted to the Kotbalwal Jail- 300 km from Srinagar, Kashmir. He has been in prison for more than five months now. People have started an online campaign, from wherever they are in the world, through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in solidarity with Waqar. The website ‘Free Waqar Campaign (official)’ has his personal and case details. It includes an online petition to be signed by the visitors-supporters. Waqar is a