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Atta Mohammad (75) of Bimyar, Chahal, Uri died last night after prolonged ailment. Atta Mohammad is one such brave Kashmiri who despite an atmosphere of militarization and repression, continued to speak truth. In the last 25 years of violent repression, Atta Mohammad in his village received 235 unidentified bullet ridden dead bodies, most of whom the armed forces claimed are militants killed in encounters. This included the dead body of a six-moth old baby girl. According to Atta Mohammad, he felt the forces that killed these unidentified persons, would not have paid respect to the dead; therefore he chose to

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Photos of people believed to be buried in Kenhama, Chakpora graveyard. In a latest addition to the thousands of unmarked graves exposed in Kashmir, Voice of Victims– a non-political organization has claimed that there are more than 60 unmarked graves in Srinagar and Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir- a disputed region on India and Pakistan border. The group has started its survey from Chadoora tehsil of Budgam and civil lines areas of Srinagar. It says number of unmarked graves have been identified recently. The areas, given by the group, in which the graves have been found are Nowgam, Wanabal,

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A graveyard with unmarked graves in Bimbyar, Uri where the gravedigger Atta Mohhamad says that he buried 236 unidentified bodies. By Fahad Shah For the first time, since the unmarked graves in Jammu and Kashmir were exposed, the state police admitted the existence of 2683 First Investigation Reports (FIRs) pertaining to the death of those unidentified persons who are buried in the unmarked graves. The J-K police have admitted it in their reply to a RTI (J&K Right to Information act, 2009) submitted by the International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Indian-administered Kashmir and Association of Parents

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Angana Chatterji Interviewed by David Barsamian San Francisco: Among the many issues plaguing South Asia none is as violent and deeply contested as Kashmir. The major unresolved issue of the disastrous British partition of India in 1947, Kashmir has been the site of wars and the threat of wars, and probably the world’s longest and most extensive military occupation. India brooks no international meditation to address the problem. What’s the problem? A lot of Kashmiris don’t want to be part of India. They didn’t in 1947 and they don’t, probably in even larger numbers, today. The U.S., champion of human