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This four part documentary was uploaded on video bank YouTube by killuminatiAFF and has been widely shared after the killing of Libyan dictator, Muammar...

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This is a public statement by AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL AI Index: ASA 20/046/2011 26 September 2011 As the session of the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly opens...

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Unlike last year, the Kashmir Valley did not erupt in protests this year but there have been some killings, fake encounters, custodial killings, "rape",...

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Unless you have lived in Tora Bora, by you should know that Al Qaeda's spiritual leader, the American-Western dubbed terrorist, Osama bin Laden has...

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By Fahad Shah Even though United Nations rapporteur on human rights violations Margaret Sekaggya visited Kashmir on January 19, India has failed to deliver justice...


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