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This four part documentary was uploaded on video bank YouTube by killuminatiAFF and has been widely shared after the killing of Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. He was captured alive as Sirte fell to the rebel forces on Thursday the 20 October 2011, later he had been beaten and killed soon after. The caption of the YouTube for this video series says, “This four part documentary will show the truth about Libya, Gaddafi, and the illuminati’s plans. This is why they are attacking Gaddafi with all the lies, propaganda, and why the NWO has to shut Gaddafi down for good! He

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This is a public statement by AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL AI Index: ASA 20/046/2011 26 September 2011 As the session of the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly opens in Srinagar, Amnesty International is writing to all members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) to raise human rights concerns in the house and ensure that such issues are not ignored during the session. Although there appears to be a consistent decrease in the overall numbers of members of armed groups operating in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), human right violations continue to remain a significant and widespread concern in the state. Amnesty International calls on

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Unlike last year, the Kashmir Valley did not erupt in protests this year but there have been some killings, fake encounters, custodial killings, “rape”, arrests, amnesty to stone throwers, bars on journalists, beating of journalists, militant attacks, grenade explosions, infiltration bids, assassination, reports on unmarked graves- and yet it seems the Valley is peaceful. Faisal Khan, a photojournalist from Kashmir, comes up with some shots of Kashmir situation. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) men watch demonstrators (not in picture) during protests in the hot bed, Maisuma, Srinagar on April 29 2011, against the arrest of a local youth by police

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Unless you have lived in Tora Bora, by you should know that Al Qaeda’s spiritual leader, the American-Western dubbed terrorist, Osama bin Laden has been killed by American Special Forces. The small city of Abbottabad, unknown to everyone before the 1st of May, now became the hub of worldwide media attention. This became the last place, Osama bin Laden lived. His legacy, however, undoubtly survive and perhaps even stronger. Many scholars have frequented news reports, where they have argued on the future of Al Qaeda. The question is, however, if this debate is relevant at all. Al Qaeda after 9/11

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By Fahad Shah Even though United Nations rapporteur on human rights violations Margaret Sekaggya visited Kashmir on January 19, India has failed to deliver justice to human rights violation victims in the Kashmir valley since the armed rebellion erupted twenty years ago. United Nations rapporteur on human rights violations, Margaret Sekaggya. The special rapporteur to assess the condition of ‘human rights defenders’ in the Kashmir Valley is appointed by the Geneva based Human Rights Council. She arrived in India on Jan 11 on the invitation of the central government. Margaret will file a report to the United Nations Human Rights