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The United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon has urged both India and Pakistan to resolve their issues peacefully, through a dialogue process. His statement has come after India called off foreign-secretary level talks between the two nations when High commissioner of Pakistan Abdul Basit invited Kashmir’s Hurriyat leaders for talks in New Delhi last week. According to a statement issued to Indian based news agency from the office of Mr. Ban’s spokesperson in response to questions about the cancellation of the talks and ceasefire violations the statement read “The Secretary-General calls on both sides to solve the issues peacefully and through

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This feature has some paintings of Iram Razzaq by which she “wants to express the pain of people”. They are published in this website after she submitted them and wrote the text herself particularly for this feature. She is an Painting artist from Pakistan-administered-Kashmir and is currently settled in United Kingdom. [Ideas and opinions expressed, details mentioned are completely authors’ own.] This paintings depicts the incidents of violence and cruelty in Kashmir in summer 2010. Indian armed forces acted with hundreds of brutal civilian killings of mostly youths. Between this a young boy was hit by a marble shot in