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Once historical enemies, France and the United Kingdom are now aligned on several social and economic matters troubling their countries. Such phenomenon seems to have accelerated in time of the financial crisis, raging since 2008. For better or worse, the two countries have taken the habit to customarily gaze across the channel: France in order to praise the English liberal “miracle”, while UK seems to be imitating certain faction of the French political scene. If this occurrence is not likely to stop, it is however doubtful that the last recent UK general elections are a political example to follow for

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Britain’s labour leader, Ed Miliband (C) is greeted by supporters as he arrives to Labour Party headquarters in London, Britain, 08 May 2015. Miliband had earlier said his party had suffered a ‘difficult and disappointing night’, as the rival Conservatives won a resounding victory that gave it a likely parliamentary majority. EPA/FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA By Steven Fielding, University of Nottingham If victors get to define the reasons for their victory, then losers just get told why they’ve lost. Within hours – minutes even – of the announcement of the shock BBC exit poll at 10pm on May 7, Ed Miliband was

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The general election in United Kingdom is now merely days away. Polling numbers for the two largest parties, Labour and the Conservatives, remain stubbornly close meaning that the most likely outcome is a hung parliament, with no-one commanding an overall majority for the 650 seats on offer in the House of Commons. Five years ago the same result ushered in a coalition government between David Cameron’s Conservative Party and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats. The Conservative-led Coalition took power amid a perilous financial climate and quickly set about establishing a programme of spending cuts that has spared all but a few