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A powerful earthquake shook  Tokyo and the surrounding areas on Monday afternoon. No tsunami warning was issued, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The U.S. Geological Survey said a quake that struck off Japan on Monday was 5.3 magnitude.

The tremor shook buildings in Tokyo and briefly halted some train lines, including the Tokyo Metro subway lines.

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By Afroz Ahmad Shah Some of the past earthquakes, which have been followed by tsunamis have been of the magnitude 9.0 (1952), of Kamchatka, the magnitude 9.1 (1957), of Andrean of Islands, Alaska, the magnitude 9.5 (1960) Chile, and the magnitude 9.2 (1964), Prince William Sound, Alaska. However; the scale of destruction and the damage caused by these quakes was far less than the destruction which followed the 26th December, 2004, Aceh-Andaman earthquake and its tsunami. This catastrophe was a warning bell and it changed the perspective of people regarding earthquake dangers in oceans and therefore opened a variety of