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A still from the documentary, Kashmir’s Torture Trail. Electrocution, sexual molestation, physical beatings, moving rollers over the legs to break bones were a few methods of torture used by Indian troops to torture people in Kashmir that the International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC) told the United States officials in India in 2005. Revealed by the whistleblower, Wikileaks, in 2010, the report said that the tortured victims were not “Islamist insurgents or Pakistani-backed militants” but were civilians. According to the report 1,296 detainees from Kashmir were interviewed. Among them 681 had told ICRC that they were tortured by using

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A screenshot from the documentary. By News Desk | Delhi, India A documentary on the torture of people of Kashmir titled Kashmir’s Torture Trail was screened today at the University of Delhi’s North Campus for the students, followed by a discussion with Gautam Navlakha – an eminent civil rights activist and author. By the acclaimed BAFTA winning film-maker Jezza Neumann, the film traces the victims of torture in the Valley, affected by the decades long violence and the repression by the Indian forces which includes torture, killings, and disappearances. It follows the prominent human rights lawyer, Parvez Imroz, as he

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This is a report,  Alleged Perpetrators – Stories of Impunity in Jammu and Kashmir, released today by the International Peoples’ Tribunal On Human Rights And Justice In Indian-Administered Kashmir (IPTK) and Association Of Parents Of Disappeared Persons (APDP). Press release and the executive summary of the report. Srinagar, December 06, 2012 INTERNATIONAL PEOPLES’ TRIBUNAL ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND JUSTICE IN INDIAN-ADMINISTERED KASHMIR [IPTK] / ASSOCIATION OF PARENTS OF DISAPPEARED PERSONS [APDP] Press Release: announce the release of: alleged Perpetrators – Stories of Impunity in Jammu and Kashmir at a press conference on Thursday, December 06, 2012, in Srinagar, Kashmir [Report available

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  The Citizens’ Council for Justice (CCJ) has conducted a sample survey in fifty villages of Varmul and Kupwara districts of north Kashmir. The completion of research to prepare the report, which focuses on torture (including violence against women), forced labour, disappearance, and death, has took almost a year. Summary The survey was conducted by CCJ in 50 villages of Baramulla and Kupwara districts. The results show that the people of these villages were severely brutalised over a long period of time, from 1990-2011, by being repeatedly subjected to torture (including violence against women), forced labour, disappearance, and death. The means of livelihood for the people in

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Last two decades of Indian-held-Kashmir have gone through number of cases of torture, humiliation, fake encounters, disappearances, molestations, sexual assaults and other forms of harassment. Showkat Ahmad, 36, still remembers three months of torture in the torture centers, Papa-2 and Gogaland. Showkat is from downtown area Srinagar and was 16-years-old when he was arrested in a cordon in December, 1992. He remembers every torture he went through. Last twenty three years have added in the vocabulary of Kashmir some infamous names of torture centers like Gogaland (Zovjah), Hari Niwas, Papa-2, Papa-1, and Papa-4 (Hotel 4). All these centers had their