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By Shubhrastha [E]very revolt, protest and dissent acquires language of appropriation. Based on its individual politics, it chooses the symbols, tags, brands and names of comprehension and diffusion. The protests in the valley of Kashmir are one among the many similar yet different manifestations of clash between contending parties across the globe. This article seeks to investigate the politics and motives of appropriation and to calibrate a conclusive assessment of the status quo. Kashmir is an integral part of the Indian Union. This assertion in the Indian Constitution has been upheld as a bone of contention for many. The history

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           By Kim Andersen Six months after South Sudan voted for independence of the Muslim dominated North Sudan, the new born country declared its independence the 9th of July. As for all newborn, the reception is pivotal, and the reception of South Sudan has been good. The Danish government declared South Sudan its primary task. Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has also welcomed South Sudan, which, according to Khaleej Times, he “wishes it much success”. Big players such as China and the United States too recognise the new state. Especially China wants to be South Sudan’s “friend”. Another Security Council member,