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The history of ideas usually credits the discourse that it analyses with coherence. If it happens to notice an irregularity in the use of words, several incompatible propositions, a set of meanings that do not adjust to one another, concepts that cannot be systematized together, then it regards it as its duty to find, at a deeper level, a principle of cohesion that organizes the discourse and restores to it its hidden unity. This law of coherence is a heuristic rule, a procedural obligation, almost a moral constraint of research: not to multiply contradictions uselessly; not to be taken in

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Book; The Meadow Author: Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark Publisher: Penguin Pages: 536 Price: Rs 499 By Muzamil Jaleel “India and Pakistan fought each other in the Valley by manipulating the lives of others. Everything that happened here involved acts of ventriloquism, with traitors, proxies and informers deployed by both sides, and civilians becoming the casualty.” This is how a senior Jammu and Kashmir police officer, Mushtaq Sadiq, explains what he calls “the Game” in Kashmir in The Meadow. Sadiq was an officer in the Crime Branch of the J & K Police which investigated the kidnapping of five western