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Ever wondered, how does it feel to see posters of “most wanted” people on walls of buildings in Delhi streets? People with similar, same religion, belonging to the same land, where I come from— Kashmir. I read names, saw pictures and probed expressions. Of course, it hurts somewhere deep in my heart. But let me confess I was scared too. Scared of being a suspect when I looked at those posters in Connaught Place, Delhi, early this year. One night after returning from the launch of Kashmiri author, Mirza Waheed’s novel, The Collaborator at the British Council Library, with a 

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    By Iymon Ganaie Latest books on Kashmir at Password bookshop. With Basharat Peer’s Curfewed Night, Kashmir’s English writing broke the shell and registered its place on the world literary map. Mirza Waheed’s The Collaborator and the Anthology edited by Sanjay Kak, Until my freedom has come: the new intifada in Kashmir followed. Many young writers began to speak their hearts out through their writing. Reading equally gained momentum.  In Srinagar, enthusiastic readers thronged bookshops. The Kashmir Walla decided to find out if the same enthusiasm is found in north Kashmir. A survey was conducted in the students from this

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By Iymon Ganaie | Photos by Bisma Tenzu Baramulla, July 2: “We had functions in Srinagar but Srinagar is not Kashmir. Baramulla, Sopore, Kupwara is.” With these words Kashmiri writer, Mirza Waheed, started the reading of his debut novel, The Collaborator at Government Degree College, Baramulla.  A small but enthusiastic audience of students and faculty attended the reading of journalist turned writer Mirza, who read some paragraphs from his novel. The reading started with the first chapter of the book, The valley of yellow flowers.  After the reading session, an interaction session started during which the writer answered questions, of

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  By Iymon Ganaie On Sunday morning, I started reading Mirza Waheed’s debut novel The Collaborator. The novel is a poignant, moving tale of love and betrayal, brutality and violence in the backdrop of Kashmir conflict. Set in early nineties, it shows the inhumane face of the on-going battle in its initial days. Born in that period I have heard many stories. It was second time that I was reading about those turbulent times again. The reading presented an almost exact picture of the time in which I was born. The narrative of novel is gripping so it was obvious

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By Fahad Shah Under the bright ceiling of fluorescent lights in the hall of British Council Library: it was an evening for The Collaborator. A fiction novel by Mirza Waheed. Launched on Thursday, here in New Delhi in the not-so-cold evening. Mirza Waheed Applause, as he read from the first chapter of book, The Valley of Yellow Flowers. This was the earlier title but later on changed. Over seated hall of audience. Friends, Colleagues, Readers, Listeners, and of course publishers too, all were present. He, along with another Kashmiri writer, Basharat Peer was sitting in front of the guests. Peer