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  As I make my hundredth attempt at getting our Skype connection working, I listen carefully awaiting the sound of his breath. Finally, a crackle on the line and I hear him speak. It’s a clearer connection and finally I can share his story. This is him, speaking from Iraq. “I’m a survivor of the Syrian war. I have been in Iraq since February 2013, working in IDP camps for UNICEF as Child Development Officer. Again I remember I am one of the lucky few. I’m one of the lucky few, as I write this in mid August 2014, just

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Syria is going through one of the world’s deadly conflicts – this civil war, which began as the “Jasmine Revolution” Arab uprising started in March 2011 it spilled over from Tunisia, the countrywide protests against president Bashar al-Assad’s government began. The Arab uprising was instigated by the dissatisfaction by populations of the ruling governments, dictatorships, corruption, and monarch rule.  Assad’s regime which has been in power for over 40 years, responded with deadly crackdowns against the armed rebellion. The Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front, both have been fighting the regime’s troops. Last year, Hezbollah also stepped in to