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Relatives of Pathribal fake encounter victims. The Indian Supreme Court decision, last week, which gives the Army privilege to choose the form of trial- whether military court martial or civilian courts- for the gruesome murders it committed 12 years ago, has strengthened army claims and impunity to them under Armed Forces Special Powers act (AFSPA). The decision, however, did expose the stand of the judicial system toward the grave human rights violations committed by Indian forces in Kashmir in last 24 years and its ability and capacity to deliver what it was supposed to deliver- the justice. Kashmir is not

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This is the statement issued by the Amnesty International. (Image for representative purpose only) SC asks Army to decide how to try personnel involved in fake encounter cases - AFP Special powers that allow India’s armed forces suspected of involvement in extra-judicial killings to sidestep the civilian courts have been reinforced in a disappointing court ruling over the notorious killings of five Kashmiri civilians 12 years ago. India’s Supreme Court has contradicted a reported statement by its Justices in February 2012 that army personnel suspected of murder should be placed in front of a civil judge. Instead it opted to

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By Ufaque Paiker The views expressed are authors own, it does not necessarily reflect The Kashmir Walla’s editorial policy. Jamia Milia Islamia university, New Delhi. With the declaration Jamia Milia Islamia (JMI) as a minority institute by quasi-judicial body, the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (NCMEI), the  article 30 (1) is now applicable to Jamia as well and accordingly it can reserve 50% of the seats for Muslims. Within the 50%, 10% of the seats are reserved for Muslim women and other 10% are reserved for OBC and ST Muslims which means that SC, ST and OBC non–Muslims will

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Afzal Guru By Fahad Shah ‘Muhammad Afzal Guru’, name of a Kashmiri man, who has been transformed into an election manifesto headline, “We will hang Afzal, if voted to power.” Everyone is preparing hard to bid him farewell from the world after being in jail for more than nine years now. No one knows facts, for they were never made public. These political parties who want to see him hanged to gain their vote bank politics. Do we know the man? Do we know his crime for which they are going to send him to gallows? It was at 11:30

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By S Zafar Mehdi Safvi To hang or not to hang! The debate over barbarous capital punishment still lingers on. Many civil rights activists, lawyers, and liberal intellectuals have been arguing against it on humanitarian grounds for a while now. A potent argument against capital punishment is that it has no deterrence effect, with many countries already having done with it. After all, as sane minds argue, sanctity to life should prevail over “eye for an eye” approach. But then some argue, it is warranted in “rarest of rare crimes”. May be. But one wonders, what constitutes these ‘rarest of