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By Fahad Shah Ten-year-old Hafiz Parvez  wants to attend school but deems the freedom struggle even important. “I want to see Independent Kashmir then I will go school. Yeman bicharen lagevikh gool (they fired on these innocent fellows),” he said after his three neighbors were shot at by security forces. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been convulsed by a wave of protests since June this year, triggered by the death of a school student at the hands of police. Protests have been largely peaceful but their characteristic is stone-throwing. Protesting youth take to streets and cast stones on

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By Fahad Shah A chemical compound, Tear Gas, formally known as a lachrymatory agent or lachrymator, stimulates the corneal nerves in the eyes to cause tearing, pain, and even blindness. This is what info-bank Wikipedia informs us about this gas, which in Kashmir has taken many lives when fired by Indian paramilitary forces during clashes with civilians. Adding to this are newly introduced Pellet guns which barrage 150-200 pellets at a trigger and can cause severe damage, that often leads to death. Civilians in large numbers pouring in the hospital emergency wards with tear gas injuries is common since the

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By Fahad Shah “A young boy has died in hospital. He was arrested by police on Friday,” a friend told me when I was leaving from my home. He said the boy was beaten up and arrested during Friday protests, now he has succumbed to his injuries. I ran back to my home to get my camera and notebook. From home, I went straight to the Main road were the procession along with the boy’s body was heading towards Buchpora. In a sea of people, I could see faces of my neighbors, my friends raising slogans and wailing. Red, blue,