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Freedom of speech always comes under the pressure of the rulers. In conflict places like Kashmir, being one of the world’s long standing conflict, restrictions on mediums of communication are a daily exercise. In 2008, when the Amarnath Land Row started in summer there were number of local cable television news channels in Valley. Channels like Vaadi TV, Sen Tv, 9 TV were known for their daily reporting of the events. State didn’t like such coverage by these channels and they ordered them to stop telecasting news for longer durations first and later they banned them completely. Many news anchors

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By Fahad Shah The Omar Abdullah-led government’s decision to ban the Short Messaging Service hasn’t gone down well with the youngsters in Valley as they have been deprived of exchanging their feelings through the popular service. The SMS ban came after the state government said the service was being used to spread “rumors and cause chaos” in wake of the ongoing situation in the Valley. Saqib(name changed), who is working as a photo journalist in a UK based agency at Delhi is livid with the ban like hundreds of young boys and girls. Being in Delhi, far away from his