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Written by Hari Krishan Koul | Translated from Kashmiri by M. Siddiq Beigh The great God be thanked that I came by a taxi right at my doorstep. I asked the driver to move straight to the college and I had a look in the mirror fixed in the front of the driver. My ears were still smeared with soap-lather, and I wiped it with my hanky. A knot of my necktie had got under a wing of my collar, which I put right. It was three minutes to ten as I looked at my watch, and my class would

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Written by Amin Kamil | Translated from Kashmiri by M Siddiq Beig Amin Kamil The moment Ghulam Khan entered the compound, Shah Maal got up with a start. She did not even so much as remember to wash and wrench her ‘pheron’ that had been soiled by eight-month old baby. She seemed as it were have come by a treasure, the way she asked her husband: “You have got it? I was afraid that you might come empty handed even today.” She almost snatched the cock off him and began to fondle its feathers and the comb. “It cost me