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By Arif Ayaz Parrey       The television crackles and sputters as the joyless newsreader struggles to broadcast the daily quota of fibs — in Urdu. Bad signal keeps tossing his moustache to the four corners of the screen. He said it is high time Pakistan accepts that it is responsible for the perpetual power crisis in J&K. Had it agreed to the Kishanganga hydel – noise— height of other major dams to be increased, enough electricity could be produced to deal with the severe winter in the state. The Minister further – noise— stubbornness on part of Pakistani authorities should

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By Haroon Rashid Dar “Oh, how I love adventure! And today is such a pleasant day… The greenery of nature, the flower booms, and this scorching heat of July..!” thought Muhammad Asif to himself. He made up his mind and left  for  a  tourist  destination  home  in  his  own  vehicle  all  alone to  enjoy the  fresh  and  cool  air  in  the  silence  of the meadows  and  forests  without  human  disturbance, which was about a hundred   kilometers  away  from  his  home. In the afternoon, he was  driving  smoothly and enjoying  the  thrill of the music  playing in his  car. Soon after,  he  was  driving in the  middle  of  the  meadows and was lost  in his imaginations  of  nature.  He  sighted a beautiful 

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By Saadat Hasan Manto Soon as Eesher Singh entered the room, Kalwant Kaur got up from the bed, stared at him with her sharp eyes and locked the door. It was past midnight and a strange and mysterious quietness seemed to have gripped the entire city. Kalwant Kaur sat on the bed yoga-style and Eesher Singh, who was probably unraveling his thoughts, stood there with a dagger in his hand. A few moments passed in complete silence. Annoyed with the silence, Kalwant Kaur moved to the edge of the bed and started dangling her legs. Eesher Singh still didn’t say

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By Suhail Akram Book of Resistance: If the democrats agree to halt resistance in order to gain a reprieve from repression, they may be very disappointed. A halt to resistance rarely brings reduced repression. At my Grand Mothers’: A shivering cold leaf fell outside, tress hissing in the late evening breeze, Septembers’ poor summer and lazy chill. The flickering headlight of the distant vehicle coming towards the many huddled women twinkled. There was a musical crescendo -song ‘the houris in heavens are singing for you, oh you the groom of pure light, come soon, oh prince groom.’ It was no