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I remember: the initial throe and the horror changed into loathing for them and the system that is talked of and never seen and then for my flesh that remained jerking with each stroke. One by one, having kept aside his black terror, hailed his vainglorious rigidity, and repeated the ritual, till it was over done. Then I was strangled and left a dead abomination. And now the bastards are dead, each bearing volleys of bullets in his hirsute chest. The loathing gradually changes into love and compassion for these strewn lumps of flesh. In my ‘wild lament’ I weep

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By Zareef Ahmad Zareef | Tr. by Shafi Shauq   Before I narrate my suggestive tale, I salute you all with love and respect. Two decades so harrowing have slipped away, Yet it is not easy to breethe at ease. If the tongue dithers  and  nothing is said, People of tomorrow can’t know our today. For many an age we have been bearing torments, Burning is known when you touch a hot cinder.   A sparrow I saw perched on my pomegranate bush, “ What ails you that you shiver ?”  I asked the bird. “No use telling you, to