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One month on from Scottish referendum UK citizens are no clearer about what further devolution in the wake of the ‘No’ vote might look like. The No camp won by 10 percentage points (55-45), but the Prime Minister’s play of hitching future devolution in Scotland to the so-called English question, (with the rather unfortunate acronym of EVEL – English votes for English laws) means that there is still no agreement between the three main Westminster parties on the details on offer of further devolution to Scotland. David Cameron’s move earned him a rebuke from the Financial Times, which declared in

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Knife-edge polls between Yes and No mean it remains unknown whether or not people living in the United Kingdom will wake up on Friday to find the union is no longer. Scotland is within a whisker of voting for self-determination from the UK, breaking a union lasting more than 300 years. This is an extraordinary moment in UK politics that – whatever the outcome – will usher in a period of political and constitutional uncertainty never seen before. Beginning our special focus on Scotland’s referendum, The Kashmir Walla’s Mark Mistry reports from ground. A huge banner in support of an