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The Kashmir walla brings you the Kashmir’s revolutionary rapper, MC Kash’s latest song “Why We Rebels” with Lyrics. The song has a warning, “Parental discretion is advised.” Lyrics Hook: They gave us blood and hate Then wondered why we all are rebels In the Land of Saints each man raised is called a rebel Verse1: I come from the land of bloody crackdowns where silhoettes of life rush to the playgrounds [“you sit your ass down, and don’t make a sound take off that Pheran, you motherfuckin’ clown”] – Words said by Indian Forces durin’ a crackdown. whose son is

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The revolutionary rapper from Kashmir, Roushan Illahi aka MC Kash who sings rap songs, mostly related to Kashmir conflict, says, “I took up to something that I couldn’t just leave on the shelf. I couldn’t let my feelings rot. I had to record no matter what. So, they won’t let me record? It’s cool. I will come back tomorrow.” Roushan received international attention during the 2010 Kashmir unrest, when 115 protestors including several teenagers, were killed in police and paramilitary action. He released a song called I Protest (Remembrance), which he says was inspired by “Too many, sixty five of

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By Muhammad Faysal Roushan Illahi, who sings under the nome de guerre MC KASH released a new song ‘Take It In Blood‘. It features the mesmerizing voice of Junaid Altaf. I closed my eyes, put my headphones on full volume. I remembered the moment that makes my heart bleed. It was the last Eid-ul-Fitr, I along with my brother went to Eid Gah. After the prayers finished. I walked towards the Martyrs Graveyard, where children,youth and old are buried. It has become a tradition for me to visit this National Monument whenever I am in Kashmir. After offering Fateha (prayers)