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By Nina Butler, Special Correspondent | Palestine Ramallah: Israel’s largest circulation English newspapers, The Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz, have constructed an alarmingly patchy impression of Israel’s latest aerial bombardment on the already embattled Gaza Strip. Ha’aretz is seen as the most left-leaning and liberal publication with sophisticated and provocative opinionistas who routinely criticise the conservative, trigger-happy, rightist seats of power. However, while terror and devastation rained from the Gaza’s skies, flattening the bulk of the infrastructure in an already densely populated prison and killing 162 Palestinians and 5 Israelis, Ha’aretz headlines read: “Israel’s Pillar of Defence achieved its goals”; “The worst campaign

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Rushdi Tamimi's funeral procession leaves Ramallah. By Nina Butler, Special Correspondent | Palestine Photographs by Eloise Bollack/WAFA Images Days are short in Palestine. It is pitch black by 5pm and winter has not yet even solidified over the barren, beige land, scarred with barbed wire and mountains of trash. Lives are short here too. At 6 pm last night I received a call from a local friend in Ramallah to inform me that Rushdi Tamimi had passed after being shot twice by Israeli soldiers the previous day, and that people were amassing at the hospital in commiseration. Collectively in the

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Palestinian protester in Hebron with red Keffiyeh in support of Hamas. Photograph by Eloise Bollack By Nina Butler, Special Correspondent | Palestine The keffiyeh has been the most provocative and explicit emblem of Palestinian solidarity since Yasser Arafat gave it global exposure in the 60s and 70s. Throughout his political career, Arafat was rarely seen without the traditional headdress of Arab men in the Middle East. Western media outlined its powerful symbolism by circulating images of Leila Khaled wearing a keffiyeh and holding an AK-47. The female member of the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of

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Central Ramallah protests in solidarity with Gaza. By Nina Butler, Special Correspondent | Palestine Ramallah, Palestine: At noon today in central Ramallah expressions of anger sent static shocks crackling through the airwaves and crawling up spines. A diverse crowd of locals, spanning generational, religious, racial and national lines congregated in Al-Minara (‘Lion’) Square to display their solidarity with the people of Gaza who have fallen victim, yet again, to the brutal barrage of Israeli bombardment. Since the start of ‘Operation Pillar of Defense  on Wednesday 14 November Israel’s army has carried out some 700 airstrikes, killing 45 Palestinians and leaving 345

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By Nina Butler, Special Correspondent | Palestine [I] have found it very hard to write whilst being here in the West Bank. Since I arrived two and a half weeks ago I feel as though my words have dried up. I feel uncertain as to what my function is here and what right have to speak for anyone. I see so much destruction, hatred and inhumanity all around, and this silences me. Concurrently I have been dazzled by an aloof lifestyle ‘as per normal’ and how certain Palestinians profit from the suffering of others. I also watch the thrill-seeking on-lookers