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By Fahad Shah [I]n the political arena of the Jammu and Kashmir, a little known family before 1930s which made it to the pages of history is the Abdullah’s of Kashmir. Starting from Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, who belonged to a shawl weaver family and became the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, to the current Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, his grandson, the family has been in the mainstream politics of the state over the years. Born in 1905, Sheikh Abdullah emerged as the powerful political figure of the then princely state, Jammu and Kashmir, but after his political defeats in

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"NSUI (a congress backed student body) put up posters in the campus and as always the administration pretended deaf and dumb about it." Srinagar, Kashmir: The banned Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) has “vehemently opposed and condemned the visit of Indian National Congress (INC) leader Rahul Gandhi” to the Kashmir University. Gandhi is on a two day visit to Kashmir. In a statement issued here, the group says that the Kashmir university students will hold protests against Gandhi’s visit in the university as the ban on KUSU remains in place by the very same authority that has brought him to the

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By Fahad Shah A still from Sophie Scholl- The Final Days It is not disheartening to hear that a good number of students were in the Convocation Hall of Kashmir University, on Monday, to interact with the Congress poster-boy, Rahul Gandhi— the General Secretary of the party. There is something which is hard to make them understand. They joined him, thinking that he may listen to and solve their grievances. But when his great-grandfather, grandmother, father didn’t listen to Kashmiris for decades then what are you expecting from him? A revolution! While talking to journalists he said: “I have come