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The tear gas shell smoke, fired in the Srinagar during civilian protests after the hanging of Afzal Guru on 9 February 2013. Photograph by Shahid Tantray During the recent uprisings in the valley of Kashmir, one of the major tools used by the Jammu and Kashmir police and the Indian Paramilitary forces has been the tear gas shell. The tear gas shell is not an alien instrument: it has been used freely on peaceful protesters as well as stone throwers. There have been a large number of civilian killings, mostly teenagers, due to the tear gas shells. More than often,

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Despite living under hardships in Kashmir- which is engulfed in the conflict for decades now, women have made their name in the radio. Initially, it was difficult for any girl or woman to enter any media channel. They were looked down upon as inferiors due to which very few females came forward to contribute to this field of media. Family pressure and societal expectations were another reason that a few women were found on air, at least initially. Back then, people were hardly aware of the benefits of the radio and what opportunities it could provide for women. However, with

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It was a bright summer day; a fairly warm Monday could also be said. Wearing my black tie and white shirt, I ran past an almost fortified building which read “RADIO KASHMIR – SRINAGAR” in bold white letters. I was running as my school’s clock had always been a bit ahead than mine, which was one of the reasons why I usually ended up arriving late, the other obvious reason was that I hated waking up early. It made a crisp sound as I stepped on the golden Chinar leaves fallen on the pavement, the Indian paramilitary camp towards my

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Before the advent of broadcasting service in Jammu and Kashmir in 1947, the print media was broadly confined to the coverage of current affairs and occasional literary and other social subjects. In fact, they were going through lean years due to various restrictions imposed on the freedom of expression by the authoritative rule. As the sub-continent was faced by turbulent situation created by the emergence of two sovereign dominions, a faster medium was envisaged and contemplated. Broadcasting brought in a quick but revolutionary change in the aptitude and attitudes of the people. After successfully commissioning a radio station at Jammu

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By Farooq Nazki UMA Khosla, known to the world of radio and sound as Nikki Aapa, is no more. She died today at the age of 73. Uma as an artist was a star voice in broadcasting for more than two decades. She was the top most female Urdu voice of AIR who can be compared with the legendry Mohina Hameed of Radio Pakistan and remained heart throb for sub-continent listeners’ especially for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan. She was a great drama voice also. Vadi Ki Awaz, a popular programme was launched in 1965 from Radio