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Quit Jammu Kashmir Movement

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A film on Ashfaq Majeed Wani. Ashfaq Majeed Wani was 23, and Jammu Kashmir Libertion Front, Commander-in-chief, when he was shot dead in an encounter with Indian forces on March, 30, 1990. Part I Part II

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By Fahad Shah Ten-year-old Hafiz Parvez  wants to attend school but deems the freedom struggle even important. “I want to see Independent Kashmir then I will go school. Yeman bicharen lagevikh gool (they fired on these innocent fellows),” he said after his three neighbors were shot at by security forces. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been convulsed by a wave of protests since June this year, triggered by the death of a school student at the hands of police. Protests have been largely peaceful but their characteristic is stone-throwing. Protesting youth take to streets and cast stones on

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By Fahad Shah “Did you see my beloved anywhere?” holding tears at the ends of her eye lids a forlorn mother asked in a dimly lit room with red curtains and black blankets on the floor. In her fifties, Zamrooda Shah, mother of Peerzada Arshid Ahmed Shah who was killed on Monday afternoon in Qamarwari chowk shootout entered the room. Wearing silver coated embroidered Pheran (long coat) and a head scarf she sat on my right side. Resting herself against a cushion, she looked here and there, searching for something invisible. ”]Nineteen-year-old Arshid was from Alsafa colony, Sopore, 55 kilometers