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The Jammu and Kashmir state legislative Assembly Speaker, Mubarak Gul Thursday appealed to the Centre and Chief Ministers of other states in India to ensure safety and protection of Kashmiri students who are studying in their respective states. Gul made the appeal after opposition PDP MLA Mansoor Hussain, quoting media reports, said some Kashmiri students in a Punjab college were thrashed by native students for watching Pakistan – Sri Lanka cricket match. Gul asked Home Minister of India as well as the Chief Ministers of other Indian states to ensure the safety of Kashmiri students. He said that Kashmiri youth

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Afzal Guru, Sarabjit Singh and Sanaullah Haq By Fahad Shah Two men on the death row in the two neighboring countries can be a silent war. It may not be visible to us like the drones or missiles falling on buildings and killing people. Being on death row is in itself an extreme punishment after being convicted. There are several cases in which the convicted person denies of committing the crime. The silent war has been going on between India and Pakistan for years now and still continues. To some extent, on 2 May 2013, the war had a face

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A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. – Mahatma Gandhi Though I was born and raised in Canada, my Indian culture is what runs through my veins. It was my grandmother who made me start loving my culture, its traditions, the language, the music, and the places. That’s when I realized that one can leave their motherland, but as long as its people remain true to their traditions, the culture will live on no matter where they go. Text & Photos by Gunjan Marwah Sometimes I wonder how badly all of the immigrant

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Never write to please, and never start off writing with the hope of winning prizes, or large amounts of money. Write what you want to write, and write what comes out of you, don’t mimic Tariq Ali has worn many hats in a long and illustrious career: novelist, film maker, journalist and political activist. He was born in 1943 and raised in Lahore in “a very old, crusty, feudal family “. His maternal grandfather, Sardar Sir Sikandar Hyat Khan led the Unionist Muslim League and was later Prime Minister of the Punjab from 1937–1942. His father, Mazhar Ali Khan was