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Minors arrested under Public Safety act brought to the police headquarters, Srinagar, before releasing them. The police officers, SSP, S A Bukhari and IGP, S M Sahia along with other officers presented them before the media and handed them over to their parents in August 2011. Termed as a ‘Lawless Law’ by the Amnesty International, the Public Safety Act (PSA) has been accused to have been used by the Jammu and Kashmir government for holding thousands of people in jail without charge or trial. As per an Amnesty International report “Estimates of the number detained under the PSA over the past

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By Ikram Ullah During the raging summer of 2010 in Kashmir, I woke up one night to the raucous growling and snarling of dogs in the vicinity. It was a time when Kashmir was on the boil and the unrest of summer 2010 was greatly in progress. On a daily basis, I would read and hear about the night raids by the Police at the houses of those suspected as being part of the protests. My first reaction to the blustering cries from the neighboring house that night was to rush out and see what disaster had struck home this