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National Conference party convention in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district on Tuesday witnessed chaos and confusion as the two groups of the party raised slogans against each other while in the midst of the bedlam, Provincial President of the party for Kashmir province Nasir Aslam Wani lost his cool and kicked a party worker. Eyewitnesses said that National Conference had organized a party convention in Beehama Ganderbal at their district office. As the convention started, scores of supporters of Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar stood up and raised slogans against the party. These workers alleged that the party is in no mood to

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By Basarath Hassan Common connotation of politics is no lesser than a devil incarnation. Generally, politics is conceptualized and perceived as evil and something immoral, depraved, trashy, and done for massive selfishness. But equally momentous is a kind of discourse that is generated to rationalize rampant and scandalous ideologies. Politics at times could be seen as a way of life, but the question is why its narration is being politicized. Here by politicization I mean negative repercussion. With every passing day politics is gaining wider currency. From local Panchayat to national assembly, research centres to religious institutions, marriage ceremonies to