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Picasso’s Guernica By Fahad Shah Pablo Picasso is not alive but his work tells us stories of his time. His art, displayed in almost every gallery of the world, uniquely depicts human relations, social dissent and sufferings. He gave the world a monumental art work which was created against the bombing of Guernica, Basque Country, by German and Italian warplanes on 26 April 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. The Spanish Republican government had commissioned him to create a large painting for the Paris International Exposition at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris. It was one of his best, titled

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Street O street, I walk through my day to you. With my sorrows clichéd, tied to yours. Step by step I meet your friends of dissemblance. Cause of peace lost in dust of your hair. Smooth desires of roughness on your skin. Joined with the promenade soul who desires not. I desire to be with you, O My Endless Friend. I will think on every pore of your distressed body. Yet my speech of sense has gone for a walk, Left nor right I may find you resting. But like a dead arrow in air pointing straight, I came from