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Thirteen years since the Pathribal Fake Encounter in Indian-controlled Kashmir’s southern region, in which five people were killed, the Indian army has closed the case now, citing “the evidence recorded couldn’t establish a prime-facie case against any of the accused.” The five men were killed, as “foreign militants,” five days after the killing of thirty-five Sikh community members in Chattisinghpora, on 25 March 2000. However, locals had raised protests that the killed men were civilians which led to exhumation of their bodies. The government then ordered a judicial enquiry and later the case was transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of

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This is the statement issued by the Amnesty International. (Image for representative purpose only) SC asks Army to decide how to try personnel involved in fake encounter cases - AFP Special powers that allow India’s armed forces suspected of involvement in extra-judicial killings to sidestep the civilian courts have been reinforced in a disappointing court ruling over the notorious killings of five Kashmiri civilians 12 years ago. India’s Supreme Court has contradicted a reported statement by its Justices in February 2012 that army personnel suspected of murder should be placed in front of a civil judge. Instead it opted to

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Bodies of rebels after an encounter with Indian army in Kashmir. Photo. wn.com Peoples Union for Democratic Rights is outraged at the brazen claim advanced by the Indian Army that let alone sanction for prosecution, no civil administration can even register a FIR against army personnel without sanction of the Central government. During the hearing on CBI’s complaint against the army for shielding their personnel accused of fake encounter (following the Chattisinghpora massacre of thirty-six Sikhs on 19-20 March 2000), the Supreme Court questioned the army about it. The Court asked why the Army neither let the civil court prosecute