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Summer in Paris is synonym of fantasy for visitors. For locals, apart from the weather, the city still has the same face. The air is still warmly polluted, as usual cars are stuck in traffic jams, and locals confront their stubborn routine while siding with amazed tourists from every corner of the world. Not much changes here but the seasons. On the other hand, the change of season, from sunny days to pouring is life changing for the hundreds of migrants and refugees who are bordering the river Seine in Paris along with luxury boats and fancy night clubs. They

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I cannot say that in Kashmir many moments occurred which reminded me of my native, quiet, suburb of Paris. But surprisingly, one situation certainly did.

A policeman frisking a Kashmiri in Srinagar. Photograph by Shahid Tantray While being away from home, it is not rare to find fragments of foreign experience reminiscent of moments lived at home. These déja vu of similar taste, smell or situations can not be predicted. Their instantaneous familiarity proves that you experienced that feeling before. One will keep wondering until their origins can be identified. I cannot say that in Kashmir many moments occurred which reminded me of my native, quiet, suburb of Paris. But surprisingly, one situation certainly did. It wasn’t the most expected one. Along with my Kashmiri

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A graffiti in Srinagar’s downtown area. Photograph by David Laumann The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, early this year had got its first art gallery. Worthy of its name, Gallerie One, unlatched its door to the public on 12 January 2015, creating a space where art and culture could have existed and flourished. But in a place where the unstable political atmosphere dictates the options, nothing is ever sure to last. Around a month after the Gallerie One was opened, on 23 February, it was shutdown by the government. Previously, the government had given the go ahead for

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Hundreds of people held a vigil at Trafalgar Square in London last evening to remember those killed and injured in the attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris earlier yesterday. Some stood silence, others cried, but all were united in their condemnation and sense of outrage following the assault by gunmen carrying Kalashnikov rifles on the French satirical magazine’s offices. Those gathered sung La Marseillaise, the French national anthem, held aloft pens and placards, bearing the words ‘Je Suis Charlie’ in solidarity. There was a large French contingent among the crowd. Anne Sophie, a 29-year-old designer living in London,

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World’s major cities saw thousands standing united and strong, holding demonstrations, in support of the victims of Gaza, Palestine under the onslaught of Israel in which more than 400 people have died so far. Protests were held in Norway, Sweden, USA, Germany, London, Argentina, Paris, and Sydney. France originally tried to ban the demonstrations, the government and media are seen as portraying Israel as the victim that has angered the population and saw more than 10,000 defiant protestors in Lyon, Paris and Toulouse. Some peaceful protests turned violent as stone throwing was exchanged between protestors and the police. The situation