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[D]illi/Delhi/Dehli call it by any name and what comes to mind is a salad bowl of cultures, religions, languages and people. The capital of India famous for Mughal architecture, Mosques, Markets and the best it has, the diversity is not just a city but an experience. People from across India and the world come here, some visit the city and some stay here. Once you are here, you can’t miss famous ruins, tombs and qilas spread in the length and breadth of the city. Ghalib’s tomb, Jama Masjid, Sishganj Gurudwara and Sunday book-bazaar in Old Delhi take you to another world

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Syed Akbar Shah Shah Music Centre is a ten by ten feet shop in the core of Meena Bazar, Delhi. It is an eighty year old gramophone record shop which was started in the British India in 1930 by Syed Ahmed Shah, son of a Kashmiri born, British government servant, Syed Hassan Shah. The shop was first started in the market which used to be around the Jamia Masjid wall. During emergency period in India under Indira Gandhi’s rule, the market was shifted to Meena Bazar on August 7, 1976. Shah’s got the shop number 256. After the death of

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Jamia Masjid from a rooftop. Photo: Mayank Austen Soofi Slaughter- houses, orange jalebis frying in hot, burning oil; shiny, colourful bangles hanging from stalls, vendors naming prices, burqa-clad women bargaining with them, the crowded lane of Kareem’s restaurant, men chewing and spitting pan, narrow lanes lit up with small twinkly lights, Abhishek Bachan in Delhi-6, Chandni Chowk, Paranthe wali Gali and the thronging, bustling crowds. But what we term as ‘Old Delhi’ is not all about meat and sweets and paan. Perhaps, we oversee the condition of the original inhabitants of this place- mostly, Muslims. They don’t eat biryani for