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Noam Chomsky, during an interview with Hicham Yezza in London on March 10, 2011. Photograph: Nathanael Corre Twenty five years ago, Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman gave a Propaganda Model of media in the book, Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media. The model is still relevant and applicable on the current situations of several countries. The model lays out five news filters: Ownership, Advertising, Sourcing, Flak and Anti-communism. The last one, anti-communism, has now become “war on terror” and “free-market”. In an interview with Andrew Mullen in 2009, the two thinkers said, “The ‘war on terror’ has provided a

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This piece is adapted from “Uprisings,” a chapter in Power Systems: Conversations on Global Democratic Uprisings and the New Challenges to U.S. Empire, Noam Chomsky’s new interview book with David Barsamian (with thanks to the publisher, Metropolitan Books).  The questions are Barsamian’s, the answers Chomsky’s. David Barsamian (L) and Noam Chomsky at MIT in January 2012. Q: Does the United States still have the same level of control over the energy resources of the Middle East as it once had? A: The major energy-producing countries are still firmly under the control of the Western-backed dictatorships. So, actually, the progress made

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Jihad Masharawi weeps while he holds the body of his 11-month old son Ahmad, at Shifa hospital following an Israeli air strike on their family house, in Gaza City, on Nov. 14. The Israeli military said its assassination of the Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari, marks the beginning of an operation against Gaza militants. Photograph by Majed Hamdan / AP By Ikram Ullah, Columnist | Srinagar, Kashmir [M]edia is a very potent and efficacious tool of information. Be it in its print or digital form, it has always proven to be successful in achieving desired or intended results upon masses. Take for instance,

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Palestinians carry the body of Matar Abu Al-Atta, a victim of the military attack. Photograph: Anne Paq /Al Jazeera This is a statement given by international academics who recently particpated in a conference on linguistics at the Islamic University of Gaza which decries major media outlets’ failure to report on recent killings of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces in Gaza.  Media reporting on Gaza: Nous accusons. While countries across Europe and North America commemorated military casualties of past and present wars on November 11, Israel was targeting civilians. On November 12, waking up to a new week, readers at breakfast

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Screenshot of Noam Chomsky speaking at University of Massachusetts at Amherst in September 2012 By Noam Chomsky [W]hen I was thinking about these remarks, I had two topics in mind, couldn’t decide between them — actually pretty obvious ones. One topic is, what are the most important issues that we face? The second topic is, what issues are not being treated seriously — or at all — in the quadrennial frenzy now underway called an election? But I realized that there’s no problem; it’s not a hard choice: they’re the same topic. And there are reasons for it, which are