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I do not know how much it is important to tell the story in details? The details are tragic. Yet the story of those Palestine families is not isolated from the whole story of Palestine, where unjust and sadness has become connected with its news. The story is about the boat which took hundreds of Palestinians at the 13th of October escaping war in Syria to flee to safe areas. The boat was shot at by Libyan gun boats, and the boat drowned , and about 300 lost their lives. The captain sent a message for help to Italy. Italy said

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Tahir Rasool Sofi, killed by army today. [T]he completeness of night’s silence is absolute in Kashmir. Earlier today another boy was put six feet under. Killed in cold blood in Baramulla by the Indian army. Apparently a small crowd was protesting against the hanging of Afzal Guru and driven by pure emotion, pelted a passing army truck with stones. Since Kashmiri blood costs next to nothing, the armymen quickly got down, cocked their machine guns and sprayed the protesting kids with bullets, instantly killing a kid – Tahir — in his 20s. Nothing much. His friends, too shocked to react,

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A candle light vigil was held in Delhi protesting against the Delhi Rape case One day enraged with suffocation and suffering Betwixt my tradition and ambitions I looked for the evil that was creating darkness. I desperately looked out of the window, screamed and squealed Challenged the devil to come and face me. When no one turned up, I sat down, lost and disappointed   Looking for enemy, dwindling between fear and anger My moistened eyes looked for a solution. Suddenly a violent wind threw open the closed doors of my room. Fresh air startled me with joy, I had