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An Indian Parliamentarian and poet, Kabir Suman, opposes Zubin Mehta’s concert in the Jammu and Kashmir, scheduled on September 7. He said, in a statement, that “Kashmiris who are fighting so hard for their right to self determination, Freedom, do not need such a concert to get a notion of “peace” through music.” Suman is a Lok Sabha member from Trinamool Congress Party, and in past too has been writing about human rights violations in Kashmir in his poetry. “I am sceptical about the proposed Zubin Mehta concert at the Shalimar Garden, Srinagar. That’s the least I can say. A

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Aspiring musicians and singers practicing in Music and Fine arts college, Srinagar. She places her radio on the window sill, it falls and she picks it up, stares at it but she feels disturbed. Reason? The doorbell. Rath haz doud (take the milk), the milkman beckons her. Humming a tune, she goes to the door. She has had a dream…a dream of white and black piano keys. While going to school many a times she has stood for hours in front of that corner shop in the neighborhood which sells musical instruments. Black and white, small and large, those shiny,