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On 26 November 2008, one of India’s busiest cities, Mumbai, was attacked by ten armed men which lasted until 29 November, killing 164 people and injuring more than 300 people. Indian government claimed that the armed men came from Karachi, Pakistan and the attack was planned by the Laskhar-e-Toiba – a Pakistan based group. One of the attackers, Ajmal Kasab, was arrested alive and later hanged in 2012. According to India, Kasab confirmed the role of LeT in the attack. But what happened before the attack and during the attack in the corridors of the Indian government was behind the

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By Shahid Tantray, Photojournalist | Srinagar, Kashmir A group of youth gathered for a candle light protest here today, in support of Afzal Guru, demanding re-investigation of the case. The protestors appealed to the president of India for “justice for Afzal Guru”.  They said if Guru will be hanged then peace process will get affected in Kashmir. Guru was accused of being a Jaish-e-Mohammad militant and then convicted of the December 2001 Indian Parliament attack. He was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of India in 2004, which was scheduled to be carried out on October 20, 2006 but he was given