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Faizan Rafiq Hakeem By Adnan Majeed After years of protests on the streets of Kashmir for justice, the younger generation of Kashmir have taken the fight to a new battleground “internet” fighting and resisting through the weapon of online campaigns. Making their voices heard and gathering support for their causes, not only from within boundaries of the valley but from across the globe. Such a campaign was launched when Faizan Rafiq Hakeem, a 14-year-old boy was arrested on February 7, 2011 outside his house in Reshibazar locality of Islamabad town and was later booked under the Public Safety act for being

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It has been two years since the mass protests of 2010, during which more than 120 people; mostly teenagers were killed by government forces. Apart from killings and fatal injuries to people, the continuous arrests never stopped. Thousands of people, which include minors, were arrested by state police every now and then. The ready-to-put-in-jail command, which comes handy for state, has been the draconian law, Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety act (1978) (PSA). This act doesn’t keep anybody safe in Kashmir. It only imprisons them in dreaded jails of the state. Several people, from all over the valley, were, and