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                 By Saima Bhat Memories are sacred. How fortunate are those who have a sharp memory. The day was 14 July 1992. I was seven years old. I don’t remember the exact time but it was early morning.  Sun was about to rise and birds were chirping, welcoming the day. I was sad, as it was a school day. Still I was expecting my mother to wake me up and prepare me for school. In the bed, I was struggling to keep my eyes closed. I was trying my best to enjoy another five minutes of sleep. Suddenly, I heard

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By Fahad Shah In her fifties, Zamrooda Shah, mother of Peerzada Arshad Ahmed Shah, entered the room. The windows of the room were half-hidden behind red curtains while the floor was covered with carpets. Dressed in a Pheran (a long Kashmiri coat) and a head scarf, she is sat on my right. Resting herself against a cushion, she stared into emptiness as if searching for something imperceptible. Her son, nineteen-year-old Arshad Ahmed Shah, was killed only a few days ago in a shootout near the city borders. A resident of Alsafa colony, Sopore, 55 kilometres away from Srinagar city ,