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Israeli officials confirmed Saturday that their country had carried out an air strike against neighboring Syria, the Associated Press reported. The unidentified officials said the strike was carried out early on Friday and targeted a shipment of advanced missiles bound for Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, the news agency reported. It did not say where in Syria the strike had taken place. Reuters cited an unidentified US official as also saying that Israel had conducted an airstrike, apparently targeting a building. Earlier, CNN reported that Israeli planes had launched an airstrike on Syrian territory without entering the country’s air space. The

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Jihad Masharawi weeps while he holds the body of his 11-month old son Ahmad, at Shifa hospital following an Israeli air strike on their family house, in Gaza City, on Nov. 14. The Israeli military said its assassination of the Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari, marks the beginning of an operation against Gaza militants. Photograph by Majed Hamdan / AP By Ikram Ullah, Columnist | Srinagar, Kashmir [M]edia is a very potent and efficacious tool of information. Be it in its print or digital form, it has always proven to be successful in achieving desired or intended results upon masses. Take for instance,

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Everyone Popular resistance in West Bank. Photograph by Nina Butler By Andy Tenido As Israeli violence against Gaza grows ever more unacceptable, the question arises: what can be done to stop this? It’s clear that Hamas’ rocket attacks won’t do anything except provide Israel with continued justification for its war crimes. If Hamas initiates the morally reprehensible practice of suicide bombings against Israelis, as it has apparently threatened to do it will only serve to inspire increased collective punishment against the people of Gaza. So, given that military actions against Israel are at best unproductive and at worst equivalent to

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Journalists from different agencys run past press vehicles on a road after an Israeli air strike on an office of Hamas television channel Al-Aqsa in Gaza City.(AFP Photo / Mohammed Abed) An Israeli airstrike on a media compound has injured at least six journalists, Palestinian medical authorities say. Among the outlets damaged are local, Italian, German, Lebanese and Kuwaiti channels. ­The journalists received minor to moderate injuries, Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said. One journalist had his leg amputated following the attack, he added. The media center in Gaza City was targeted by Israeli warplanes early on Sunday in a

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By Democracy Now We speak with Nada Bakri, the widow of Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Anthony Shadid, about her husband’s passion for covering the Middle East and his posthumous memoir. “House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East” chronicles Shadid’s rebuilding of his family’s ancestral home in Lebanon. “He felt like [the Arab Spring] is a dream come true for every journalist covering the Middle East,” Bakri says. “After covering it for so many years—oppression and dictatorships and wars and conflicts and violence—finally something is changing, and something positive and optimistic.” Bakri is a Lebanese-born journalist