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Lend me your ear, O my dazed darling! I shall unfold to you the elan of love. The length and breadth of the vale I traversed, like one lost to himself. I ran after pirs, fakirs and jogis, Bypassing no holy place. I was snuffing the air for tomorrow’s Tidings, when my country would be free. But there was only talk of the past, Of how the far-off world moved. The star-studded night fell and moonlight Took the hill and dale in its embrace. Dead tired, I perched on a mound. My body Slept but mind was awake to a

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You stole away with furtive gait, O lover of flowers, my sweetheart! Stay, O stay, my only love! O wizard, why must you leave me thus? Tell me how I shall survive. Since I saw you in my prime, And stood dazed, bewitched, distracted, I’ve been weeping out my heart. I’m waiting for you on the mountain, Dropping scalding tears of blood. Can you escape the guilt, my love? Love brought me only infamy. I became the talk of the town, With rivals slinging mud at me. A mynah without her mate, All night till dawn I cry, For you