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Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli by Santi di Tito By Syed Aqeel ‘The Prince’ is a masterpiece on modern politics written by the father of modern political thought Niccolo Machiavelli. The Bible of the politician as it is called has laid the foundations of the current political system, providing a real picture of political realism and its dominance. ‘The Prince’ has been written in a more direct language rather than in an embellished or decorated style of writing, communicating a dictum of advices to ‘The Prince’ or a ruler about how to gain, retain, and exercise power in his dominion or

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By Saba Anjum Development of Language demarcates a vital evolutionary invention by mankind in the last few million years. It was an adaptation that helped our species to exchange information, make plans, express new ideas and totally change the appearance of the planet. In other sense, it helped us translate vision into thoughts and sounds. The most complicated mechanical motion that the human body can perform is the activity of speaking. While generating the sounds of spoken language, the various parts of the vocal tract perform movements that have to be accurate within millimeters and synchronized to within a few

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By Suhail Akram Book of Resistance: If the democrats agree to halt resistance in order to gain a reprieve from repression, they may be very disappointed. A halt to resistance rarely brings reduced repression. At my Grand Mothers’: A shivering cold leaf fell outside, tress hissing in the late evening breeze, Septembers’ poor summer and lazy chill. The flickering headlight of the distant vehicle coming towards the many huddled women twinkled. There was a musical crescendo -song ‘the houris in heavens are singing for you, oh you the groom of pure light, come soon, oh prince groom.’ It was no