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Three years after Harud (autumn) Literary festival was called off, amid scathing criticism by Kashmiri writers and civil society activists, for insisting on being controversially “apolitical” in a highly militarized conflict zone, this time J-K Government itself has stepped in to collaborate with an NGO to organize a literary festival- Sounth (spring). As state owned Doordarshan and Radio Kashmir put together the literary festival and with J-K Governor inaugurating the event, the festival looks more like an exercise meant to counter the new writing and art emerging out of the valley. “The literature festival will focus on the changing life

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By Fahad Shah The title above, “Harud gov saridd” means Harud fell cold. The on-going extensive debate on the postponement of the proposed literary festival, Harud (Autumn) Litfest in Kashmir from 24-26 September has many colours. Some say it was the vested interest of the people who opposed the festival. Some even say that it was “Islamic fundamentalism”. How can a person with intellect raise such queries? I doubt the intellect now. It was the statement of one of the organisers, Namitha Gokhale, saying that the event is apolitical. “Apolitical” means something where political debate doesn’t exist. Though it might