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Note by the author: End number of articles was written in recent days ranging from journalists to activists, professors to research scholars in India and abroad on the issue of sedition case against a few students of Jawaharlal Nehru University. This little piece intends to contextualize the politics of JNU vis-à-vis Kashmir University In solidarity with the arrested students of Jawaharlal Nehru University, students protest in the Kashmir University. Photograph by Umar Mehraj. In the backdrop of the recent happenings in the intellectual hothouse of India— Jawaharlal Nehru University, it is quite important to understand that the JNU and Kashmir

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University of Kashmir By News Desk | Srinagar, Kashmir The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik today lashed out at the Congress party of India for turning Kashmir University of the Indian-Controlled Jammu and Kashmir as its “property” and said that there is no democratic space left in the varsity for students, but Congress high command is carrying out its activities there. In 2010, the varsity banned student politics and razed the office of the Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU). Earlier they had sealed the office in 2009 after the state government pressured the varsity authorities to crush

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"NSUI (a congress backed student body) put up posters in the campus and as always the administration pretended deaf and dumb about it." Srinagar, Kashmir: The banned Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) has “vehemently opposed and condemned the visit of Indian National Congress (INC) leader Rahul Gandhi” to the Kashmir University. Gandhi is on a two day visit to Kashmir. In a statement issued here, the group says that the Kashmir university students will hold protests against Gandhi’s visit in the university as the ban on KUSU remains in place by the very same authority that has brought him to the

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University of Kashmir By Gowhar Geelani Perhaps it is the state’s worst-kept secret that politics of any kind is not allowed inside the University of Kashmir. Since past two decades the so-called mainstream politicians, perhaps deeply disturbed by the popularity of leaders belonging to the pro-resistance camp, have been pitching for “de-linking politics from academics”. In this very context, everything was done from ‘stick to carrot policy’ to ensure that the University remained apolitical during the turmoil years. The continued ban on the Student Union is a case in point. On the other hand, a handful of professors, lecturers and