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The tear gas shell smoke, fired in the Srinagar during civilian protests after the hanging of Afzal Guru on 9 February 2013. Photograph by Shahid Tantray During the recent uprisings in the valley of Kashmir, one of the major tools used by the Jammu and Kashmir police and the Indian Paramilitary forces has been the tear gas shell. The tear gas shell is not an alien instrument: it has been used freely on peaceful protesters as well as stone throwers. There have been a large number of civilian killings, mostly teenagers, due to the tear gas shells. More than often,

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  The Citizens’ Council for Justice (CCJ) has conducted a sample survey in fifty villages of Varmul and Kupwara districts of north Kashmir. The completion of research to prepare the report, which focuses on torture (including violence against women), forced labour, disappearance, and death, has took almost a year. Summary The survey was conducted by CCJ in 50 villages of Baramulla and Kupwara districts. The results show that the people of these villages were severely brutalised over a long period of time, from 1990-2011, by being repeatedly subjected to torture (including violence against women), forced labour, disappearance, and death. The means of livelihood for the people in