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Kashmir is the beauty of Dal Lake at sunset: the friendly shikarawalas, the mesmerized tourists and the houseboats with cheesy names. It is children slurping away at their softies. It is a family sitting around a trami, eating wazwan. It is picnics at Pahalgam, towering mountains and the sound of gushing streams. It is nomads herding their sheep. It is bakarkhanis, samovars and noon chai. It is golden leaves on chinar trees. It is Muslims and Hindus praying side by side at the Baba Reshi shrine. It is paradise on earth. Not only this, though. Kashmir is also barbed wire,

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An art initiative, one of the first of its kind, Keep The Canvas Rolling – organised by Kashmir Art Quest (KAQ) began today in Srinagar – the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir. The initiative will bring together artists and audiences from 18 cities in 12 countries around the world to engage with Kashmir and Kashmiri artists. It involves a long scroll of canvas, 33 ft x 5 ft. travelling from city to city (US, UK, China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Turkey, Iran, Brazil, and Switzerland) where artists will contribute towards the work. The work, once completed, will be exhibited at various global locations. There

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  Imagine a huge blank canvas. A white surface that is ready to evoke and to portray, to accept on it every color, every brush or stroke, to depict every experience, no matter how intense or timid, no matter how vivid or bleary. Like life itself. Imagine this canvas reaching every corner of the world. Imagine it gathering different voices, different ideas, but the same need, same urgent, same hope. Now imagine this canvas, returning again from where it started carrying this time hundreds of visions and revisions and showing us again and again one demand: freedom of speech and