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By Feroz Rather Raindrops of love at dawn, a song of dove on your lips,  and me and you half buried in a yellow evanescence of sands, holding (epochs in our) hands by the sea.   Frozen crusts of Time, countless clocks clattering behind me an apocalyptical chime.   Naked in the blue rivers of Kashmir she bathes, her veins burbling with blood, fish, stones, winged slogans, a raging flood soaring soaring soaring until the promise and rain of freedom…   Alone, through the smoke and rubble of a distant village now asleep by a snow-hill she walks, to the

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By Arif Ayaz Parrey       The television crackles and sputters as the joyless newsreader struggles to broadcast the daily quota of fibs — in Urdu. Bad signal keeps tossing his moustache to the four corners of the screen. He said it is high time Pakistan accepts that it is responsible for the perpetual power crisis in J&K. Had it agreed to the Kishanganga hydel – noise— height of other major dams to be increased, enough electricity could be produced to deal with the severe winter in the state. The Minister further – noise— stubbornness on part of Pakistani authorities should