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Despite living under hardships in Kashmir- which is engulfed in the conflict for decades now, women have made their name in the radio. Initially,...

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By Asima Nazki This is about the recent “Kashmiri Women Solidarity” drama in Delhi by Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) group. To the conveners with...

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She places her radio on the window sill, it falls and she picks it up, stares at it but she feels disturbed. Reason? The...

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A day before Eid-ul-Azha, Shazia Majeed, 28, was found hanging to a ceiling fan in her house. She died in mysterious circumstances. She was...

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Text by Rifat Mohiudin | Photos by Zuhaib Muhammad For decades, Kashmir has been a conflict region. The conflict has left irreparable loss in everything;...

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Kashmir’s women have been called the steel magnolias, the bravest in the world. Brave for having taken every suffering, endured pain and stood up...

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Spinning wheel in Kashmir is an old practice whereby women would remain indoors and earn meagre amount to sustain livelihood. Over the years, this...

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Nobody said marriage was a cake-walk, but for some non-Kashmiri women who are married to locals here, it has been a hard life. Doctors...


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