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One of the young among the Kashmiri musicians and singers, Mohammad Muneem, born in 1983, is the lead vocalist of a Pune based Ethnic/Sufi band called ‘Highway 61’. He is well known for giving a fresh voice to the Kashmiri songs, both as solo and also with Kashmir’s first rapper, MC Kash – whose songs pierced through the political fabric of the region. Muneem says that Kashmiris are using their talent to express their views through poetry, journalism, filmmaking, photography, music and other such fields of art for which they’re also earning acclaim. In this interview, with The Kashmir Walla’s Sarthak Maggon,

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  The Kashmir Walla releases the, latest,  jointly sung and written song of Kashmir’s leading rapper, Mc Kash and another rapper who is based in Pune, Haze Kay. The song is called The Originals.  Produced by One Crib productions. Mc Kash and Haze Kay – The Originals Lyrics Verse 1:  Mc Kash – Flow like Jehlum , drowning competition, this verse is a curse feel a hearse on ignition, I’m worse than Papa 2 I put rappers up for torture I’m the Kashur viking blood thirsty for a slaughter, rappers up in wheel chairs haters on a stretcher, full moon

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Muhammed Ramzan Joo Ustad Muhammed Ramzan Joo Ustad Ramzan Joo was from Kaka Soth, Jamallata, Srinagar. He was born in 1881 and died on December 7, 1971. Belonging to the family of great musicians and being brother of Maestro Sidh Joo, he is ranked as a top class artist in Sufiana Kalaam and acquired this art from his ancestors. He would always participate in spiritual gatherings and getting in touch with other highly acclaimed singers and artists benefited him to learn and master the art singing especially Sufiana Kalaam. His teachers were achievers in this art like Ustad Wazir Joo

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Kashmir is burning The King of music is gone Kashmir is burning.   Kashmir is burning The music’s power is gone Kashmir is burning.   Kashmir is burning Its music is burning It’s burning holes in my soul.   The Kashmiri Keol, Ghulam Nabi Sheikh is gone in the bemoaning cry It’s wailing snarls in my soul.   The Koel was the King of music, The music of the raging fire The fire of Kashmir’s freedom.   The Keol was peace and joy The harmony of the raging fire The fire of the Kashmiri freedom.   The Kashmiri Keol is