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By Meghna Mudaliar There seems to be an intrinsic relationship between geography and culture in Ali’s A Nostalgist’s Map of America (1991) and Ondaatje’s The English Patient (1992) that suggests that it is only in the landscape of the individual’s memory and experience that culture may be located and validated. Both writers seem to craft subtextualised landscapes through narratologies that begin as explorations of subjective impressions of geographical spaces, and are transformed into decentralised spaces in which unofficial and personal histories are ‘mapped’ through correlations between the psychological and empirical landscapes that represent individual journeys. The idea of cartography is

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In memory of  ‘the beloved witness’ Aga Shahid Ali A still from the play. By an electric pole, on the pavement there is a stone. Enters an old man carrying a red box, full of letters . walks past the stone, looks at the pole. Man : Waqh wout hoor,  zann  siri chu loosnus tayaar, az zan chus be’ setha thokmuth, goode’ asse na … youttha  kaal wautum pakaan, pakaan pakaaan  … te winni te, chum khaber kooth pakun…pakun chu mainess azallainess leekith’, magar youdvai pakunui youtt aasihem, su ooss totii hana sahal… magar, yeth safarus manz che pevaan bei’ te